At Blue Portal Consulting, we go beyond traditional marketing agencies by forging a collaborative partnership that aligns your business objects with your marketing dreams.

Our vision is clear: To build bridges that connect the essence of your brand to measurable growth and success.

Our Marketing Consultation includes an in-depth meeting and audit of your current marketing efforts, goals, and KPIs. We discuss your capabilities, budget and timelines to come up with a business-centric marketing strategy and roadmap with go-to-market insights to help you be successful from the start.

With a laser focus on driving sustainable revenue and maximizing ROI, we are not just your agency; we are your strategic partner, invested in your long-term success.

Marketing Consultation:
Audit and Roadmap

1-2 hour Audit and Roadmap
$ 0

Marketing Set Up and Management

A Consultative Approach to Unprecedented Success:

  • Discover: We delve deep into the heart of your brand to unveil its true potential.
  • Strategize: Armed with identity-driven insights, we craft precise strategies and tactics tailored to your business objectives.
  • Execute: Each campaign we manage is a step towards building a robust, revenue-generating framework.
  • Grow: Sustainable, long-term growth is our shared goal—achieved through tireless innovation and a bespoke partnership.

Embrace the transformative journey of marketing with Blue Portal Consulting. Let’s navigate the digital landscape together and steer your brand towards a horizon of unprecedented success.

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Relationship vs transactional. We are your consultative partner.


Understanding and working on your business needs and goals.